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BIM Consulting and the Critical Phase of BIM Validation in Public Projects

In the era of Construction 4.0, the Building Information Modeling (BIM) methodology represents a revolution for the construction industry, offering optimized project management through digital models. The BIM Validation phase plays a central role, especially in public projects, where quality, compliance, and efficiency are priorities.

The Italian Regulatory Context

Italian legislation, with Legislative Decree 50/2016 and Ministerial Decree 560/2017, has laid the foundation for the mandatory use of the BIM methodology in public projects, emphasizing the importance of specific electronic methods and tools that promote interoperability and the use of open and non-proprietary file formats. This regulatory evolution aims to enhance the design phase, ensuring transparency, efficiency, and fair competition among technology providers.

BIM Validation: Analysis and Consistency of Models

BIM Validation is the process through which the quality and consistency of BIM models are checked against project requirements and current regulations. This includes analyzing informational inconsistencies and geometric interferences, ensuring that the model contains all the necessary information for subsequent project phases.


Levels of Verification

Validation is divided into three levels of verification (LV), each addressing specific aspects of the BIM model:

  • LV1: internal formal verification of the modes of production, delivery, and information management.
  • LV2: internal substantive verification of data and information readability, traceability, and consistency.
  • LV3: independent formal and substantive verification, which also includes checking for interferences and inconsistencies, compliance with standards, and the correspondence of informational content to requirements.


The Role of BIM Consulting

In this context, BIM consulting becomes essential to guide the entities involved through the complex BIM Validation process. Experts in the AEC and BIM/IT process, like those from ID BIM, provide model verification and validation services, ensuring compliance with the specifications of the Information Specification and major national and international standards. This includes strategic project assessment, BIM document production, and BIM legal consulting, ensuring the achievement of the client’s objectives.

BIM Validation is a crucial step for public projects, ensuring the integrity and reliability of BIM models. Through specialized consulting, it is possible to effectively navigate the complexities of this process, maximizing the benefits of the BIM methodology and significantly contributing to the modernization of the construction sector. ID BIM, with its deep expertise and strategic approach, represents an ideal partner to face the challenges of digitalization in the AEC sector, promoting innovation and excellence in public projects.

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