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ID BIM provides specialized design, consulting, and training services in the field of Building Information Modeling (BIM), for both the public and private sectors. We are here to help you realize more efficient and competitive projects through innovation and effective BIM implementation.

In detail, our services include:

  • Coaching and training activities on digital processes and tools, aimed at companies and professionals
  • Consultancy activities for public and private contracting authorities to implement BIM processes and procedures, providing the necessary tools for structuring BIM services and contracts according to current regulations
  • Consultancy activities for companies and organizations wishing to implement BIM processes through targeted and customized solutions according to specific needs
  • Drafting of Standards, Guidelines, Templates, etc., to create the necessary foundations for the application of BIM processes
  • Assistance in the realization of a pilot project, aimed at developing and deepening specific BIM skills
  • Targeted practical training to achieve specific corporate goals

  • Creation and management of BIM models for all design phases, from As-Is to As-Built and drafting of BIM documentation
  • Digitalization of existing real estate assets, both public and private
  • Creation of multidisciplinary BIM models starting from CAD input (CAD TO BIM)
  • Creation of multidisciplinary BIM models starting from laser scanner surveys with point clouds (SCAN TO BIM)
  • Creation of multidisciplinary As-Built BIM models aimed at asset management through data information flows (Facility Management, Property Management, Asset Management)
  • Creation of BIM models of national and international historical heritage, aimed at renovation and restoration (H-BIM)
  • Creation of Digital Twins of existing assets, centralizing all useful information generated from the built work

  • BIM design in individual disciplinary fields (Architecture, Structure, MEP, Infrastructures) in compliance with BIM regulations
  • Integrated BIM design in different disciplinary fields (Architecture, Structure, MEP, Infrastructures) in compliance with BIM regulations
  • Preparation of design documents and creation and management of IFC open information models for BIM interoperability
  • Assistance in BIM design and integrated BIM design
  • Optimization of the BIM project by analyzing project criticalities and proposing improvement solutions
  • Verification of seismic vulnerability in BIM mode
  • Energy diagnosis in BIM mode
  • Application of BIM processes to the urban scale to develop informational modeling for smart cities
  • Preparation of construction drawings for metal carpentry works
  • Creation of Numeric files for cutting/drilling steel beams and columns
  • Creation of Numeric files for the production in the plant of steel reinforcement bars and cages
  • Preparation of operational drawings, assembly drawings, site plans, and views
  • Creation of 3D data for computerized control or tracking equipment of the built work such as total control stations.

  • Creation of Dynamo scripts (computational design) for complex modeling and workflow optimization in BIM

  • Planning of activities for the realization of the work (4D and 5D simulations) developed with dedicated software connected to BIM models
  • Creation of Master Schedule
  • Analysis of work sequences
  • Allocation of economic and hourly resources, productivity studies
  • Economic and temporal planning and project resources
  • Time Impact Analysis
  • Action plan and mitigation plan
  • Monthly reports depicting the progress status of projects in all phases

  • Optimization of the construction site through repetitive activities and computational rules
  • Technical and administrative management
  • Measurement, accounting, assistance, and supervision of works (4D and 5D)
  • Inspection and settlement of works
  • “As built” project

  • Preparation and support for the drafting of technical and managerial contracts such as Informative Specification (CI), Information Management Offer (OgI), Information Management Plan (PgI) or more commonly BIM Execution Plan (BEP)
  • Management and verification of the BIM contract – Planning and coordination in the design phase, direction and coordination in the execution phase, monitoring and control, closure of the contract
  • Verification and validation of the informational content of BIM models (Model checking)

  • Data analysis and interpretation through the cloud platform defined based on customer needs
  • Design and development of data sharing environment for private individuals, design studios, companies, and PA
  • Management of data sharing environment for private individuals, design studios, companies, and PA
  • Document control through permissions and authorizations to safeguard data security

  • Support to Clients and Contractors to achieve the set objectives and meet the requirements set out in the tender documents
  • Technical assistance to the Contracting Authority
  • Checking completeness and adequacy of documents
  • Assistance to the contracting authority for obtaining permits, authorizations, and approval
  • Support in the tender phase for identification of contractors/supplier
  • Technical-administrative consultancy
  • Evaluation, monitoring, and supervision of projects and programs

  • Return of surveyed data in a digital model according to geometric and informational standards defined by the client

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